General nursing homes received a gift – 200 special mattresses

Last week, general nursing homes all over Estonia received 200 special mattresses gifted by the largest Estonian medical laboratory SYNLAB, as the inhabitants of nursing homes have been severely affected by the more than a year-long coronavirus crisis. The mattresses made in Estonia are already the second SYNLAB’s gift to nursing homes. At the beginning […]

New blood collection point for coronavirus antibody testing in Tallinn at Töökoja 1

In addition to coronavirus PCR testing, an increasing number of people wish to determine the level of coronavirus antibodies in their blood either after recovering from the disease or undergoing vaccination. To achieve a quicker and more distributed service, we have created a new specialized blood collection point. Based on your wishes, you can choose from […]

SYNLAB certificates now have QR codes

As of 23 March, all coronavirus PCR and antibody test result certificates issued by SYNLAB Eesti have QR codes. Officials at airports, ports and border crossing points all over the world can use the QR code to verify if the person presenting the certificate has given a sample at the time specified in the certificate, […]

Why the PCR method is used to diagnose SARS-CoV-2?

The responses are generated based on views that are jointly expressed by Estonian Society of Laboratory Medicine (ELMÜ), Estonian Society for Infectious Diseases (EIS) and Estonian Health Board. Why is PCR diagnostics important? Detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA from respiratory tract material using the real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method is recommended by the World Health […]

From 16 February children can get tested for coronavirus from pharyngeal washings

SYNLAB will adopt a novel solution for coronavirus testing from 16 February – the virus can also be detected from pharyngeal washings. Initially, the additional sampling method will only be available for children, so as to make the process more comfortable for them. In the lab, the process remains the same – RNA is detected […]

SYNLAB to gift tablets and special mattresses to general nursing homes

Estonia’s largest medical laboratory SYNLAB is to gift tablets to nursing homes, helping their inhabitants communicate with their relatives. In addition, SYNLAB will provide nursing homes with comfortable special mattresses. Having worked on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic for nearly a year, SYNLAB decided to support Estonian nursing homes, as this is where the […]

SYNLAB adopts a new coronavirus antibodies detection method

From today, SYNLAB Eesti laboratory has adopted a new coronavirus antibody detection method, which is more precise than the previous method and also allows it to detect post-vaccination antibody formation. Samples for the new antibody test can be given at SYNLAB from today, and in the next few days this will be rolled out at […]


REGARDING TEST RESULTS A person can be infectious before any symptoms appear. An asymptomatic person can also carry and spread the coronavirus. A NEGATIVE test result means that at the moment of giving the sample, there were not enough coronavirus particles in the organism. A POSITIVE test result means that at the moment of giving […]

The price of a coronavirus test to decrease significantly in January

Thanks to earlier investments, the improved efficiency of processes and more affordable lab equipment, SYNLAB can offer coronavirus testing for a significantly reduced price to healthcare service providers and clients ordering the paid service as of 1 January 2021. Coronavirus testing continues to be voluntary and free of charge for Estonian residents with a family […]

The Estonian Olympic Committee signs a cooperation agreement with SYNLAB to perform coronavirus testing of Team Estonia athletes

The Estonian Olympic Committee signs a cooperation agreement with SYNLAB to perform 2,500 tests worth around 170,000 euros, which will allow approximately 450 athletes within the Team Estonia programme to be tested for coronavirus SARS‑CoV‑2 at SYNLAB’s coronavirus testing stations all over Estonia. Urmas Sõõrumaa, the President of the NOC, noted that SYNLAB’s support is […]

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