The sample collection points in Tallinn and Harjumaa will be open for a shorter time on October 19

On October 19, 2022, the opening hours of our sample collection points will be different from usual:  Veerenni blood collection point – 7.30-15.00  City centre (Kawe) sample collection point – 8.00-14.30 (lunch 12-12.30)  Ülemiste sample collection point – 8.00-14.30 (lunch 12-12.30)  Lasnamäe sample collection point – 8.00-14.30 (lunch 12-12.30)  Viimsi sample collection point – 7.30-14.30 […]

Tallinn Töökoja COVID-19 antibodies sample collection point closed from 31.01.22

From 31.01.22, we will close Töökoja 1 coronavirus antibody sample collection point in Tallinn. The nearest sampling point for antibody testing is located on the 6th floor of Veerenni 53a, open Mon-Fri 7.30-15.00. Other sampling points can be found HERE.   A sample can still be given at Töökoja 1: 1. for the detection of […]

Coronavirus rapid test available from 25.01.2022

As of 25.01.22, Rapid detection of coronavirus is available in SYNLAB. The presence of the virus is analyzed with a reliable NAAT method, which also includes the classical real-time PCR and its modifications (LAMP et al.). Rapid detection test result and sertificate are available in 3 hours. The sample is collected from the nasopharynx. The […]

Narva corona testing point relocation from 01.12.2021

From Wednesday, December 1, the location of paid corona testing in Narva will change. New testing point will be located at Tallinna mnt 21. The testing point is open everyday from 9am to 1pm.   

Paid corona testing in Rakvere will be closed

As of 01.11.21, SYNLAB does not perform paid corona testing in Rakvere. Nearest sample collection points are located in Tallinn and Jõhvi. Find a suitable sample collection point HERE.

Tartu Teguri sample collection point and laboratory is moving to Raatuse

SYNLAB Tartu Teguri 37b sample collection point and laboratory is moving to Raatuse Health Center! From September 20 we are open in the new Raatuse Health Center (Raatuse 21, 2nd floor). Sampling Mon-Fri 8-16:30 Corona testing Mon–Fri 13–18:30, Sat-Sun 9–13 Welcome to Raatuse Health Center!

Coronavirus testing in Veerenni

1. I WISH TO GET TESTED FOR CORONAVIRUS (PCR) AND ANTIBODIES If you wish to give the PCR sample as well as find out the level of antibodies in your blood, you are welcome to the collection point at Töökoja 1. It is necessary to book an appointment in advance through the Patient Portal MINU.SYNLAB.EE. During the same […]

TESTI application provides results and certificates of you and your children/dependents

From the TESTI application, you can now view not only your own coronavirus tests but also the results and certificates of your children/dependents. This is possible due to an interface with the population register, to where we can make inquiries to find out whose results we can display to you. From the TESTI application, you […]

As of 3 May, adults can also give a sample from pharyngeal washings at paid SYNLAB coronavirus testing points

From 3 May onwards, adults will also have an option to give a sample from pharyngeal washings at paid SYNLAB coronavirus testing points. This change is introduced in order to make the testing process more comfortable. In the lab, the process remains unchanged – coronavirus RNA is detected from the pharyngeal washings using the same PCR […]

Rally Estonia volunteers covered 12,000 kilometres in five days, transporting the coronavirus samples of the students who took state exams

As a partner of the Ministry of Education and Research and the Health Board, SYNLAB Eesti, in cooperation with schools, helped high school graduates take a coronavirus PCR test based on a liquid throat rinse at their school before the exams, so that the state exams were as safe as possible for all involved. In […]