1995 The HTI Laboriteenuste AS medical laboratory is established
1999 The Quattromed medical molecular diagnostics laboratory is established
2006 Merger of Quattromed Laborid OÜ and HTI Laboriteenuste AS, with the new company being named Quattromed HTI Laborid OÜ
2009 A satellite laboratory opens in Jõhvi
2010 Blood sample collection points open in Sillamäe and Kiviõli
2010 The testikodus.ee service is launched
2011 The sample collection point in Viljandi expands to become a satellite laboratory
2011 Launch on the Lithuanian market
2011 Employees from the Tartu Linna Polikliinik laboratory join the company
2012 The Estonian central laboratory in Tallinn moves from Akadeemia tee to its new location at Väike-Paala 1
2012 Work starts in Narva, Elva, Põltsamaa and Võru laboratories


2013 A subsidiary, Quattromed Finland Oy, is established and services start being provided on the Finnish market
2013 The company is bought by SYNLAB, one of the leading providers of laboratory services in Europe
2014 The company adopts a new name – SYNLAB Eesti – and red is introduced as its new primary colour


2015 The company enters the private patient market in Estonia, introduces health check packages and launches the patient portal minu.synlab.ee
2015 The company opens a laboratory at Suur-Sepa 14 and a sample collection point at Seedri 6 in Pärnu
2015 The clinical laboratory in Tartu moves from Gildi Street to Teguri 37b
2015 SYNLAB and Labco merge and form the largest chain of laboratories in Europe, using the SYNLAB name
2016 The new primary colour of the company is blue
2017 Two new sample collection points open in Tallinn, one at Linnamäe tee 3 and the other at Narva mnt 7
2017 A new sample collection point opens in Tartu in the Tasku shopping centre and the sample collection point in Viimsi expands
2017 The central laboratory in Tallinn moves to a new address at Veerenni 53a
2017 Cityterveys becomes part of SYNLAB’s Northern Europe region, with 30 sites in Finland adopting the SYNLAB identity, and the company starts operating in new fields in Finland – radiology and the private patient service
2018 YML, the biggest and oldest privately owned laboratory in Finland, merges with SYNLAB
2018 Cooperation with the laboratory of the family medicine centre in Kuressaare intensifies
2019 The company’s 18th sample collection point in Estonia opens, at the new health centre in Ülemiste City and 20th sample collection point in Tartu Health Center
2020 SYNLAB becomes a national partner in corona testing, opens corona testing points in Tallinn, Narva, Haapsalu, Jõhvi, Pärnu, Rakvere and introduces the first mobile testing bus
2020  We open Mõisavahe sample collection point as the 4th representative office in Tartu
2020 We become the most desired employer in the field of healthcare
2021 SYNLAB Estonia is nominated as Culture Friend