About us

SYNLAB Eesti is the largest medical laboratory in Estonia and has been operating since 1995. Our main area of activity is the provision of laboratory services to family doctors and medical specialists, hospitals, occupational health care centres and other institutions connected to the medical industry. Private customers can also have their health checked at SYNLAB laboratories and blood sample collection points by selecting health check packages and single tests and consultations with laboratory doctors via the patient portal minu.synlab.ee or on site. Anonymous tests for sexually transmitted diseases can also be performed at home via the environment.

In Estonia we handle around 16,000 sample materials on a daily basis and perform more than 8.5 million laboratory analyses annually. Our list of analyses consists of more than 200 different titles of on-site tests required in routine clinical practice. Furthermore, with the help of partner laboratories, our clients have access to almost all laboratory tests from all areas of laboratory medicine known today, including highly specific and rarely ordered tests – amounting to thousands of available analyses. For more information on analyses, please refer to our Laboratory A-Z.

Exports of health care services – mainly to Finland and to a lesser extent also Lithuania, the Netherlands and Norway – make up a third of the company’s turnover.

SYNLAB employs more than 400 people in Estonia. Working at our 18 laboratories and sample collection points are laboratory doctors and specialists, bioanalysts (laboratory workers), reception nurses, logistics specialists, customer support staff and auxiliary and other support staff.

In addition to performing laboratory analyses, we also support doctors, nurses and private clients with a plethora of information material, logistics solutions for the transporting of samples, dedicated customer service and a regular training programme. We organise frequent customer training events at the SYNLAB Training Centre based on the wishes of doctors and nurses. Find out more here.

SYNLAB Eesti complies with the requirements of ISO 15189 (Medical laboratories – Particular requirements for quality and competence) and has been accredited as a medical laboratory by the Estonian Accreditation Centre (see here: accreditation certificate and annex listing methods and tests).


SYNLAB is represented in almost 40 countries on four continents, making it the largest provider of laboratory services in Europe.

The SYNLAB group includes more than 500 laboratories and employs more than 20,000 people. The company’s headquarters are located in Munich and its central laboratory in Leinfelden (both in Germany) while the SYNLAB Academy is in Barcelona.

In Estonia we mostly deal with human medicine and to a lesser extent also veterinarian medicine. In some countries, however, we also operate in radiology, provide environmental laboratory analyses and analyses for the pharmaceutical industry.

More information is available on the group’s website.

The mission of SYNLAB Eesti is to provide people with reliable and customer-friendly medical diagnostics solutions to assess their health status.