We invite doctors and nurses to monthly trainings from September 2011 to May 2012

Just like in the previous session, we invite you to our monthly trainings in the four locations of Estonia – Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Jõhvi.

In the four-hour trainings of the 2011–2012 session we will discuss the subjects of liver, hormone tests, faeces, metabolic markers, inflammation, allergy, and point of care.

The training centres are the following:

Jõhvi, Kersti Võlu Training Centre (Kooli 7) – if necessary, translation to Russian and training materials in Russian are provided.

Tallinn, Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration, Tallinn University of Technology, room X413 (Akadeemia tee 3) – training materials in Russian are also available.

Pärnu, Pärnu College, University of Tartu, room 256 (Ringi 35)

Tartu, Vanemuise Concert Hall, Ergo hall (Vanemuise 6, door from the city side)


The start of trainings is 13.00 everywhere; the end time is around 17.00.

The participation is free of charge for everybody; you do not have to be a Quattromed HTI client.

Every training provides 4 in-service training points of ELMÜ.

Please book to yourself April 11, 2012, which is the time for our spring conference in Tallinn.

More detailed information about the trainings can be found here.

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If you have already registered but cannot take part in the training, please contact us in advance.