About 75% of venereal diseases are carried without any symptoms. People carry and spread venereal diseases without knowing it.

TESTI KODUS is a service for fast, discrete and safe testing for the most common venereal diseases in Estonia.

Testing can be performed for the following diseases:
Urogenital chlamydiosis (Chlamydia)
Herpes viruses (HSV1, HSV2)
Mycoplasmosis (Mycoplasma genitalium)

From TESTI KODUS home page requested test(s) can be selected. After making a choice, the orderer will receive the sampling kit in a suitable way, and then the sample should be taken (men – the “midstream” collection from the first urine in the morning; women – vaginal specimen). The sample should be sent to the laboratory, where the test results will become clear during 5 days max (usually 2 workdays). It is possible for the orderer to access the test results via TESTI KODUS home page, where the results are protected with the orderer’s user name and password.

If the testee is found to be inefected with a venereal disease, he/she is recommended to contact a doctor immediately who will assign appropriate treatment for the disease. The printout of the test results is the basis for the doctor to assign the diagnosis and treatment.

The price list of the service is established by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Why and when should I test myself for venereal diseases?
When you have already started your sexual activity and feel fine, but wish to test yourself anyway;
When you or your partner have several sexual partners;
When your partner has been diagnosed to have a venereal disease;
When you have had an unprotected sexual intercourse with a new or random sexual partner;
Before starting a new sexual relationship;
When planning pregnancy and/or at the beginning of pregnancy. Venereal diseases transfer from mother to the child during pregnancy and giving birth: this could result in a miscarriage or the newborn child to become infected with the disease, resulting in complications;
When you suspect you have a venereal disease;
You should definitely be tested, if you have grown symptoms that refer to the chance of a having a venereal disease.

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