TESTI application provides results and certificates of you and your children/dependents

From the TESTI application, you can now view not only your own coronavirus tests but also the results and certificates of your children/dependents. This is possible due to an interface with the population register, to where we can make inquiries to find out whose results we can display to you.

From the TESTI application, you can see the results of analyzes performed in SYNLAB as a private client or with referral, as well as certificates in Estonian, Russian and English, which are necessary for travel or work. All results of paid testing are also loaded into the application if the sample has been given in SYNLAB laboratories, Medicum, Qvalitas, Confido and other private medical institutions that send samples to the SYNLAB laboratory.

The TESTI application can be downloaded free of charge to your mobile phone from the TESTI.ME website. Mobile ID or Smart-ID is required to log in.

TESTI.ME is a modern web application, which is a hybrid of both the web and the mobile application, or “Progressive Web App”, which can be installed on a mobile phone as well as used directly on the web. You don’t need Google Play or the App Store to use it.