SYNLAB doesn’t take corona samples on sites

In Friday (13.3) and Saturday(14.3) it was possible to give corona samples in Medicum that were analysed in SYNLAB. Due to quick chances in the situation Medicum closed the service on March 16.

The Estonian State, family doctors and private medical companies have started collaboration to launch a free corona virus wider testing in 8 cities in Estonia with the family doctor prescription. 

In case You feel sick and have got SARS-CoV-2 symptoms, please call your family doctor. Your family doctor will ask you some additional questions and decide if they would prescribe the laboratory test for You.

In Estonia the Health Board is regulating corona testing. More information on their website.
The corona virus information hotline 1247 is open 24/7 to provide information on issues related to corona virus. The hotline is free of charge.

In case of emergency call 112.

In our Molecular Diagnostics lab we test SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19 disease (Coronavirus Disease 2019) from a nasopharynx sample. Our method is approved by WHO and used by the Estonian Health Board. We are a testing partner for the Estonian Health Board, ambulance, hospitals, family doctors and other health institutes.

We give results during one workday to the health institute, which ordered the test. They notify the patient by phone. Later the results will show up at

Attention! The steps to follow in case you feel sick:
  1. If you get ill, call your family doctor! Your family doctor evaluates the need for testing and gives health advice.
  2. In case your family doctor finds that the testing is necessary for you, he/she sends an electronic order into the corona testing call centre. The testing call centre will call you to agree the place and time for your test. Wait for the call! There are drive-in test facilities in 8 cities.
  3.  Please go to the named testing location at an agreed time with a car and have your ID document with you. Only the patients sent by the family doctor will get tested.
  4. Wait for the test result. You will be called and the result will also be available at
  5. In case your test result is positive, stay at home, follow the instructions of your family doctor and in case you health situation worsens consult again with your family doctor or call the ambulance, 112.
Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy!