SYNLAB Eesti OÜ is the largest medical laboratory in Estonia based on private capital, building up its experience since 1995. The core competence of the company is to offer medical laboratory services to its customers, i.e. general practitioners, the providers of ambulatory and stationary medical care, occupational healthcare centres, different public institutions and private individuals.

The laboratory service consists of the collection and transportation of the sample materials, performing laboratory tests, the validation of results, and their delivery to the customers of the service. It also includes the consultations of laboratory specialists in case of neccessity, the feedback from the customers to improve the management of workflow, and the development and implementation of innovative solutions.

The mission of the SYNLAB Eesti laboratories is to offer reliable and customer-friendly medical diagnostics solutions for the assessment of people’s state of health.

Our vision for 2015: SYNLAB Eesti will be the leading and internationally acknowledged partner of medical laboratory services in Estonia. We will be the pioneers in customer-friendly approach and professional development.

There are over 100 people working in the company – in the central laboratories of Tallinn and Tartu, in the satellite laboratories of Viljandi and Jõhvi, and additionally, in the sample collection points all over Estonia. The department of development deals with designing and implementation of innovative products and services. The supportive services, i.e. the customer service, logistics and IT-development, are directed mainly to supporting our main activity – performing lab tests – and appropriate servicing of our customers.

There are over 2,2 million laboratory analyses performed in the SYNLAB Eesti laboratories per year. Over 4500 different sample materials are being handled every day. The list of laboratory analyses consists over 200 different tests necessary for routine clinical practice. However, with the help of different partner laboratories, almost all, even the most specific and rarely ordered lab tests known today from all the areas of lab medicine, are available to our customers. is a web environment directed to the people’s awareness of health, offering an individual possibility to test oneself for venereal diseases. It is an activity addressed to the users of health care service, and it came to life with the help of Estonia’s leading professionals.

To submit information about your experiences with the company’s services, your proposals and problems, use the e-mail address of the Customer service or the Feedback form. It will be taken into account when developing our services and products and also helps to eliminate any accidental mistakes or systematic problems.

As an accreditated medical laboratory, the company follows the requirements of ISO 15189 “Medical laboratories – Particular requirements for quality and competence” in its daily routine, and the legislation and regulations of the Republic of Estonia.