Customer service

The activities of the customer service department are based on synlab Eesti’s customer promise: „Medical diagnostics solutions. Trustworthily and customer-friendly.“

The objective of the customer management department is to provide all the customers with professional, fast, and accurate services based on a clear standard of operation. By combining the activities of customer support, customer administration, customer training, marketing, logistics and IT functions, the department aims to guarantee a flawless functioning of the customer communications.

The company’s account managers and customer service representatives are responsible for finding the most suitable solutions for the clients’ questions and problems. The account managers provide information about the optimal solution based on the customers’ needs for ordering the lab analyses and receiving the results. For this, new services and products of the company are introduced, and, if necessary, help is provided for their implementation. The customer service administrators will answer all the information requests received through different communication channels; they will ensure the provision of accessories and support materials, and deal with problem solving and preventive consultation.

One of the priorities of the customer center is to plan and carry out customer trainings while taking into account the development trends of the laboratory diagnostics and customer needs. Annual spring conference, a monthly lab training in four localizations (Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Ida-Virumaa), and the trainings based directly on the needs of specific customers or customer groups, constitute a notable part of the company’s direct communication with the clients. Information about the schedules, programs and opportunities to sign up for the trainings can be found under the section Trainings.

The main function of the marketing activity is to organize the customer feedback, to plan and carry out the associating activities, to design the company’s system of symbols, and to monitor the communication channels. is a web environment directed to the people’s awareness of health, offering an individual possibility to test oneself for venereal diseases. It is an activity addressed to the users of health care service, and it came to life with the help of Estonia’s leading professionals.

The logistics is planned according to the needs of the customers, the possibility to follow the preanalytic requirements for sample collection and transportation are taken into account. At the same time, customers are provided with the necessary accessories and supplies.

IT-solutions play an important role in the development of products and services associated with the laboratory diagnostics. Continuous development activities regarding the functionality of customer interfacing with the programs Perearst 2, Watson and Liisa, and a renewed home page, form an important part of systematic IT-developments.

Contact with the customer support of the laboratory by:
Phone: 17123

It is possible to contact the account managers directly.

To submit information about your experiences with the company’s services, your proposals and problems, use the e-mail address of the Customer service or the Feedback form. It will be taken into account when developing our services and products and also helps to eliminate any accidental mistakes or systematic problems.