Coronavirus rapid test available from 25.01.2022

As of 25.01.22, Rapid detection of coronavirus is available in SYNLAB. The presence of the virus is analyzed with a reliable NAAT method, which also includes the classical real-time PCR and its modifications (LAMP et al.). Rapid detection test result and sertificate are available in 3 hours.

The sample is collected from the nasopharynx. The sample cannot be given from a throat rinse.


Sample collection points for Rapid detection of coronavirus:

Tallinn, Töökoja 1
Tallinn, Tammsaare tee 104a (Mustamäe center parking lot)
Tartu, Raatuse 21
Pärnu, Suur-Sepa 14
Jõhvi, Jaama 34


Pre-booking ise required.
Rapid detection of coronavirus price for private customer is 70 €.


Coronavirus detection and Detection of coronavirus, influenza A/B and RS virus are also still available. Test results will be available within 24 hours.
You can find all the possibilities of coronavirus testing for private patient HERE.


PS! This is not a rapid antigen test.