1995 – In January, the medical laboratory of HTI Laboriteenuste AS was created under the basis of the clinical laboratory of the Estonian Oncology Centre. The Head of the company was Jüri Laasik.

1999 – Quattromed AS – a spin-off company of the University of Tartu, dealing with medical molecular diagnostics was created. It started offering laboratory services in Estonia for family physicians, medical specialists and private patients. Under the guidance of prof Mart Ustav the company begun its activity at the address of Nooruse 9.

2005 – Quattromed AS was restructured. Under the basis of the medical diagnostics department a subsidiary company Quattromed Laborid OÜ was created. Under the basis of the research and scientific laboratory a subsidiary company Quattromed Cell Factory OÜ was established, and a technological development project was launched for the building of the production technology of biological therapeuticums. The Head of Quattromed Laborid OÜ was Erki Mölder.

2006 – April 15 – Quattromed Laborid OÜ acquired the shares of HTI Laboriteenuste AS – the new company name was Quattromed HTI Laborid OÜ. Erki Mölder continued to operate as the head of the new organisation.

2008 – the 100% holder of Quattromed HTI Laborid OÜ became an Estonian company Medicap Holding OÜ – created by the majority shareholder of the company BaltCap Private Equity Fund (dealing with the financial services in the Baltic states).

2009 – In January Kaido Beljaev started as the member of management board and the clinical director.

2009 – In October a satellite laboratory was opened in Jõhvi.

2010 – In January Rainar Aamisepp became the new Head of the company.

2010 – In November the company started a development program in co-operation with EAS.

2011 – In March sample collection centre in Viljandi got new working premises and enlarged to a satellite laboratory.

2011 – In July the clinical laboratory of Tartu moved to the premises of Tartu Linna Polikliinik at Gildi 8, where the sample collection centre also operates.

2011 Medicap Holding OÜ acquires Lithuanian company Sorpo UAB and starts operating in local market.

2012 Central lab in Tallinn moves, the new location is Väike-Paala 1.

2012 Satellite laboratories in Narva, Elva, Põltsamaa and Võru start operating.

2013 Supporting of operation of POCT lab in Kohtla-Järve was started in cooperation with local family doctors.

2013 Quattromed HTI affiliate company Quattromed Finland Oy was established and operation in Finnish market starts.

2013 Medicap Holding (including trademarks Quattromed and Sorpo) was bought by SYNLAB Holding GmbH, the leading laboratory diagnostics provider in Europe.

2014 Quattromed HTI has new name and corporate visual identity – the new name is SYNLAB Eesti OÜ and new red arch logo introduced by SYNLAB.

2015 Patient portal minu.synlab.ee starts. Portal allows ordering of diagnostics panels and tests online.

2015 Satellite lab in Pärnu (Seedri 6) starts operating.

2015 Clinical lab in Tartu has new location – Teguri 37b.

2015 SYNLAB Holding GmbH has new owner. One of Europe biggest private equity firms Cinven acquired two Europe’s leading laboratory diagnostics companies Labco and SYNLAB.

2016 SYNLAB Eesti OÜ has new logo and visual identity – the new primary color is blue.