1995: The HTI Laboriteenuste AS medical laboratory is established
1999: The Quattromed medical molecular diagnostics laboratory is established
2006: Merger of Quattromed Laborid OÜ and HTI Laboriteenuste AS, with the new company being named Quattromed HTI Laborid OÜ
2009: A satellite laboratory opens in Jõhvi
2010: Blood sample collection points open in Sillamäe and Kiviõli
2010: The testikodus.ee service is launched
2011: The sample collection point in Viljandi expands to become a satellite laboratory
2011: Launch on the Lithuanian market
2011: Employees from the Tartu Linna Polikliinik laboratory join the company
2012: The Estonian central laboratory in Tallinn moves from Akadeemia tee to its new location at Väike-Paala 1
2012: Work starts in Narva, Elva, Põltsamaa and Võru laboratories


2013: A subsidiary, Quattromed Finland Oy, is established and services start being provided on the Finnish market
2013: The company is bought by SYNLAB, one of the leading providers of laboratory services in Europe
2014: The company adopts a new name – SYNLAB Eesti – and red is introduced as its new primary colour


2015: The company enters the private patient market in Estonia, introduces health check packages and launches the patient portal minu.synlab.ee
2015: The company opens a laboratory at Suur-Sepa 14 and a sample collection point at Seedri 6 in Pärnu
2015: The clinical laboratory in Tartu moves from Gildi Street to Teguri 37b
2015: SYNLAB and Labco merge and form the largest chain of laboratories in Europe, using the SYNLAB name
2016: The new primary colour of the company is blue
2017: Two new sample collection points open in Tallinn, one at Linnamäe tee 3 and the other at Narva mnt 7
2017: A new sample collection point opens in Tartu in the Tasku shopping centre and the sample collection point in Viimsi expands
2017: The central laboratory in Tallinn moves to a new address at Veerenni 53a
2017: Cityterveys becomes part of SYNLAB’s Northern Europe region, with 30 sites in Finland adopting the SYNLAB identity, and the company starts operating in new fields in Finland – radiology and the private patient service
2018: YML, the biggest and oldest privately owned laboratory in Finland, merges with SYNLAB
2018: Cooperation with the laboratory of the family medicine centre in Kuressaare intensifies
2019: The company’s 18th sample collection point in Estonia opens, at the new health centre in Ülemiste City