About the company

SYNLAB Eesti OÜ is the largest medical laboratory in Estonia based on private capital, and it has already over 20 years of experience. The main activity of the company is to offer laboratory services to its customers, i.e. family physicians, the providers of ambulatory and stationary specialised medical care, occupational health care centres, different national institutions and private individuals. The laboratory service consists of the collection and transportation of the sample materials, the performance of laboratory analyses, the validation of results, and their delivery to the customers of the service. It also includes the consultations with laboratory specialists, if necessary, the information of the clients to improve the organisation of the work, and the implementation of innovations.

The mission of the SYNLAB Eesti OÜ laboratories is to provide the broadest spectrum of reliable and customer friendly diagnostics services for healtier life.

Our vision for 2020: SYNLAB Eesti OÜ is the leading diagnostics partner with the broadest range of services and the best networking. We set new standards in customer satisfaction and employee attractiveness.

There are ca 230 people working in the company – in the central laboratories of Tallinn and Tartu, in the branch laboratories of Viljandi and Jõhvi, and additionally, in the blood sample collection points all over Estonia. The department of development deals with building and implementation of innovative products and services. The support services, i.e the customer service, logistics and IT-development, are directed mainly to supporting our main activity – the performance of the lab tests – and appropriate servicing of our clients.

There are over 7 million laboratory analyses performed in the SYNLAB Eesti OÜ laboratories per year. Over 15 000 different sample materials are being handled every day. The list of laboratory analyses consists of nearly 200 different titles of tests necessary for routine clinical practice, which can be performed on site. However, with the help of different partner laboratories, almost all, even the most specific and rarely ordered lab tests known today from all the areas of lab medicine, are available to our customers.

As an accredited medical laboratory, in its everyday work, the company observes the requirements of ISO 15189 “Medical laboratories – Particular requirements for quality and competence”, and the current laws and regulations of the Republic of Estonia.

SYNLAB Eesti is a part of SYNLAB Group – Europe’s largest laboratory service provider, with presence in more than 40 countries worldwide. SYNLAB employes over 20.000 dedicated professionals who operate in 530 laboratories and 700 hospitals.

SYNLAB is offering high quality, wide range of medical diagnostic tests, innovation and provides reliable partnership for primary care physicians, dermatologists, gynecologists and other healthcare institutions. SYNLAB’s role over the past years among private patients has significantly increased as well.

Besides performing over 10 million laboratory tests per year in both Northen Europe and Baltics region, SYNLAB has a leading imaging service provider role Finland. With Estonia we run over 60 laboratories employing over 1000 personnel.